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Posted on: June 12, 2009 12:31 pm

Lakers go up 3-1 and the Yanks lose again

Doomed Magic

Untimely miscues hurt Orlando in a 99-91 OT loss to L.A., putting it in a 3-1 hole. And Ken Berger says Mickael Pietrus' dangerous foul at the end ought to get him suspended for Game 5. | Doyel: Fisher true winner

LAL 3, ORL 1 | Notes: Magic's Alston unhappy | Talk!

Eight is great

Ouch, 0-8 has to hurt, Yanks fans. Boston extends its perfect mark in 2009 vs. New York with a 4-3 win. In measuring up to the only team that matters, the Yanks are a very distant second, Danny Knobler says.

Knobler: Yanks' patience | BoSox pick Yaz's grandson | B/R | Speak up!

All or nothing

This and past Stanley Cup Finals indicate the Red Wings hold a huge edge at home for Game 7. But these young and hungry Penguins can defy the odds again on Friday night, Wes Goldstein says. Full story
Game 7: 8 ET | Goldstein: MVPs | Fleury | History | Yo!

Posted on: June 10, 2009 11:05 am
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Howard leads Magic and the Pens force a Game 7

Constant gardener

Dwight Howard dominates and Phil Jackson ruminates. The Lakers coach performs his specialty after the Lakers' 108-104 Game 3 loss: hints about missed calls. Fair? Who cares, get used to it, Ken Berger says. | Doyel

Finals: LAL 2, ORL 1 | Notes | Hey!

Home extension

There will be a Game 7 in Detroit for the Stanley Cup. Pittsburgh extends this series' home-ice streak with a 2-1 victory. Wes Goldstein says the Penguins don't let bad memories lead to another heartbreaking Game 6.

Finals: DET 3, PIT 3 | Notes: Pens' stars stopped | Talk!

Fate of Floyd

Tim Floyd resigns as USC coach, a month after allegations he paid to help steer O.J. Mayo to the program. The one-and-done star costs Floyd his reputation and career, says Gary Parrish, who wonders who is next.

Coaching changes | Parrish: Thoughts | B/R: DeRozan's stock | Speak!

Posted on: June 9, 2009 11:05 am

Ariza makes his mark and the Pens look for a win

Finding his mark

He's proving everyone wrong -- including the Magic. Labeled a 'slasher' when he was with Orlando, Trevor Ariza has expanded his range -- and game -- during the Lakers' run to the Finals, Ken Berger says. Full story

Game 3: Lakers-Magic, 9 p.m. ET, Tue. | Doyel | Series

Sixth sense

The Penguins stared down elimination before and are trying to keep their heads ahead of a desperate Game 6. Good thing, because the recharged Wings are this close to another Cup, Wes Goldstein says. Full story

DET 3, PIT 2 | Game 6: At Pens, 8 ET Tue. | Notes | Ratings

Smart path

Strategy helped David Reutimann earn his first victory at Lowe's Motor Speedway and a top-three finish at Pocono. Now he's a surprising contender for the Chase, Brian De Los Santos says. Power Rankings

Pocono: Stewart prevails | Results | Pistone | Chase | Talk!

Posted on: June 5, 2009 10:52 am

Bryant leads Lakers and Johnson gets 300th win

Opening statement

Kobe Bryant makes sure the Magic hear him loud and clear, scoring 40 as the Lakers win 100-75 in the Finals opener. Orlando should be afraid -- Kobe has that look, Mike Freeman says. | Berger: Strange change

Freeman: Shaq | Berger: Stern | Series | Notes | Talk!

Mr. 300

Make room in the 300-win club. Giant Randy Johnson is the 24th member with a six-inning, two-hit effort in a 5-1 victory in D.C. Whenever Johnson pitches, you know something special can happen, Danny Knobler says.

Knobler: Dunn's K | Miller | Career leaders | B/R | Talk!

Momentum switch

We're back where we started. Pittsburgh tops Detroit 4-2 in Game 4 to tie the Finals at 2. Wes Goldstein says the Penguins might look back at hard-working Jordan Staal's night as the turning point in the series.

Series: DET 2, PIT 2 | Centers stage | Notes | Speak up!

Posted on: June 1, 2009 10:53 am
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Wings go up 2-0 and Cleveland gets more bad news

Two good

The Penguins are ready to leave the Red Wings' Wild kingdom. Pittsburgh gets the early lead, but Detroit scores three straight goals to win 3-1 in Game 2. It's two games in, but the Finals are over, Wes Goldstein says.

Series | Malkin avoids suspension | Notes | Ratings | Hey!

Little town of horrors

The Cavaliers and the Indians pile on the heartbreak to the poor fans of Cleveland once again, Scott Miller says in Weekend Buzz. In his Look Ahead, Danny Knobler wonders if the Brewers will pursue Jake Peavy.

Sizemore on DL; V-Mart out | B/R: Indians | Rumors | Speak!

Beyond belief

Dwight Howard says God is on the Magic's side, and He will be the reason Orlando wins its first NBA championship. Mike Freeman says the Almighty doesn't have the time to care who wins the Finals. Column

Nelson to return? | Magic 103, Cavs 90 | Series | Speak!

Posted on: May 28, 2009 11:17 am
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Stanley Cup rematch and the Lakers go up 3-2

(Re)match maker

The dream rematch for the Stanley Cup is on. The Red Wings will defend their title against the Penguins after dispatching the Blackhawks in five games with a 2-1 OT win. The Finals are set to start Saturday. Full story

Goldstein: Proud 'Hawks | Games 1-2 on Sat.-Sun. | B/R

With a little help

With Denver keying in on Kobe, Bryant's teammates rise to the challenge and help L.A. win 103-94 in Game 5. The Lakers sure look much deeper than the Cavaliers, and Ken Berger wonders if LeBron James is jealous.

Series | Berger: Win was 'paid' for?!? | Phil fined | Hey!

Building somethin' special

When Chris Carpenter was down, the Cardinals were out. But with their fiery ace and pitching savant Dave Duncan stoking their staff, St. Louis again looks bound to play in October, Danny Knobler says. Full story

Cards foil Brewers | Knobler: Help for Pujols | B/R: Behind success | Yo!

Posted on: May 15, 2009 11:58 am

Magic, Rockets force a Game 7

Reappearing act

Dwight Howard gets his shots, and Orlando will get a Game 7. Howard goes for 23 points and 22 boards to lead the Magic past the C's 83-75. Orlando gets what it needs -- Howard to dominate, Ken Berger says.

Series: Celtics 3, Magic 3 | Postseason bracket | Speak!

Motor still running

The defending champion Red Wings use the home-ice edge in Game 7 for a nail-biting 4-3 win over the Ducks to reach the Western finals against Chicago. Wes Goldstein says Detroit advances because it has depth.

Series: DET 4, ANA 3 | Picks | B/R | Talk! Last time!

Push it to the limit

Looking for heart and desire? The Rockets have all you need. Luis Scola steps up with 24 points and 12 rebounds to help Houston continue to defy the odds and hold off the Lakers 95-80 to force a Game 7. Full story

Series: Lakers 3, Rockets 3 | Picks | B/R: Retire, Phil | Hey!

Posted on: May 4, 2009 11:36 am
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Yanks eager to get A-Rod back and the Hawks soar

Welcome distraction

It's a delicate situation. The Yankees prefer to avoid all the A-Rod chatter, but they're eager for his return, Danny Knobler says in his Look Ahead. In Weekend Buzz, Scott Miller says the Dodgers are hunting for history.

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Putting it away

In maybe the first seven-game series devoid of drama, the Hawks cruise to a 91-78 victory over the Heat on Sunday. Now, just wait until LeBron James and the Cavs get a load of nutty Josh Smith, Ken Berger says.

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No Duckin' Anaheim

Beware of the No. 8 seed. Todd Marchant lifts the Ducks to a 4-3 triple- OT win to even their series with the Red Wings at 1. Wes Goldstein says the victory is reminiscent of an Anaheim 2007 playoff win in Detroit.

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