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The NBA draft and Shaq goes to Cleveland

Deep impact

Neither went to college. One's from Europe. The other went there for his apprenticeship. Yet Brandon Jennings and Ricky Rubio are prospects who will impact tonight's draft from picks 2-6, Ken Berger says. Column

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Top 50: Bottom's up

Who is the NFL's best player? How about the 50 best? Well, let's just cool our jets a bit. Pete Prisco fires out his much-debated annual list, and we start by rolling out his Nos. 26-50 and those who just missed. Full story

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The Big Cuyahoga

LeBron can smile. Shaq is in the house thanks to the Suns taking Big Ben, Sasha Pavlovic and a second-round pick. For Cleveland, the trade is worth the risk, Ken Berger says. | Ratto: Noisemaker, no game-changer

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Pens top Wings and talent rules in the NBA

Breathing again

The Penguins are happy to be home. Maxime Talbot scores two goals as Pittsburgh tops Detroit 4-2 to trim the Finals lead to 2-1. Crosby and Co. catch the right breaks and avoid a huge hole, Wes Goldstein says.

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Saga coaches?

The role of an NBA head coach is to get outta the way, Gregg Doyel says. 'Get outta here,' is the response from Ken Berger, who says the men with clipboards are vital, and this year's Finals will be no exception.

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Numbers don't lie

Of football's 22 positions, four are most vital. Find somebody to throw the ball, protect him, pressure the other team's quarterback and knock down his passes, and you have Pete Prisco's formula for success. Full story

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