Posted on: July 9, 2009 10:59 am

K-Rod and the Mets and top NFL WRs

Better with less

No, K-Rod won't match his record-setting 62 saves, but Danny Knobler says he and the Mets' bullpen are better this season. The Angels found a new closer, but the rest of their 'pen is struggling, Scott Miller says.

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No money, mo' problems

The NBA's TV deal is recession protection, yet free-agent salaries are shrinking along with the cap. Next summer could be even worse. Why? Ken Berger goes digging and finds clues at the turnstiles. Full story

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WRs: Freak show

Start with athletes who at 6-3 and 220 can soar over, run through or run away from secondary studs. Freakishly good Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald lead the pack in Pete Prisco's rankings. Top 10 receivers

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Posted on: April 14, 2009 11:06 am

Citi Field opens and the Broncos needs a QB

Home ... sweet home

The Citi Field era is under way for the Mets. Unfortunately, it's not a good start. New York struggles in its new $800M home, losing to San Diego 6-5. While the ballpark is new, it's the same ol' Mets, Danny Knobler says.

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Fidrych dies

Mark 'the Bird' Fidrych, the colorful Tigers pitcher who won the 1976 AL Rookie of the Year, is found dead in an accident on his farm. He was 54. Scott Miller remembers the summer of '76 when Bird was the word.

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Draft needs: Broncos

The Jay Cutler radioactivity has begun to clear. Now the Broncos and Josh McDaniels must smartly prioritize more draft options: fix that orange mush defense or add a QB like Mark Sanchez, Pete Prisco says. Story

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