Posted on: May 15, 2009 11:58 am

Magic, Rockets force a Game 7

Reappearing act

Dwight Howard gets his shots, and Orlando will get a Game 7. Howard goes for 23 points and 22 boards to lead the Magic past the C's 83-75. Orlando gets what it needs -- Howard to dominate, Ken Berger says.

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Motor still running

The defending champion Red Wings use the home-ice edge in Game 7 for a nail-biting 4-3 win over the Ducks to reach the Western finals against Chicago. Wes Goldstein says Detroit advances because it has depth.

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Push it to the limit

Looking for heart and desire? The Rockets have all you need. Luis Scola steps up with 24 points and 12 rebounds to help Houston continue to defy the odds and hold off the Lakers 95-80 to force a Game 7. Full story

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Posted on: May 13, 2009 10:33 am

Marbury lifts Celtics and the B's and Ducks win

Grand theft

Never count the Celtics out. Trailing most of the game, Boston stages a furious rally in the fourth after trailing by 14 and stuns Orlando 92-88. Stephon Marbury supplies a much-needed spark, Marc J. Spears says.

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Seventh heavens

Hockey fans are loving this. Two more Game 7s are set when top seed Boston prevails at Carolina 4-2 and Anaheim defeats visiting Detroit 2-1. They'll all go at it again Thursday, one night after the Caps-Pens finale.

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Best, then the rest

The Jays, Red Sox and Cards remain the cream of the crop. The rest of the league, meanwhile, can take solace knowing they're not Padre-bad. Well, except for the Padres, Larry Dobrow says. Power Rankings

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Posted on: May 8, 2009 12:06 pm

Can the Dodgers trust Manny in the future?

A bitter taste

Dodgers star Manny Ramirez violated baseball's anti-drug policy and is banned for 50 games. Scott Miller wonders if L.A. can trust him again. Danny Knobler says that this is hardly a shock. | Ratto | Freeman

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Wings lift

The defending champs needed this one. Johan Franzen and Marian Hossa score twice apiece to lead Detroit to a series-tying 6-3 victory at Anaheim. Detroit finally rattles goalie Jonas Hiller, Wes Goldstein says.

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Blowout Part II

LeBron James and the white-hot Cavs are on a mission. For the second straight playoff game, James -- who scores 27 points -- and Cleveland crush Atlanta, this time 105-85 in Game 2 to take a 2-0 series lead. Story

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Posted on: May 6, 2009 11:11 am

Cavs crush Hawks and the Ducks catch a break

Rockin' Cleveland

Newly crowned MVP LeBron James doesn't disappoint. After eight days off, James scores 34 points as the Cavaliers beat the Hawks 99-72. LBJ and the East's best team live up to their top billing, Gregg Doyel says.

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Saved by the whistle

Fans will talk about this in Detroit for a while. A quick whistle negates a game-tying goal with 1:09 to play, and Anaheim prevails 2-1 in Game 3. Wes Goldstein says the Ducks have that championship look again.

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False profit

Movies try to tug at the heart strings, evoke sympathy for the protagonist. It's expected, especially when the character is ... Mike Tyson? Sorry, but Mike Freeman isn't buying this work of emotional manipulation. Story

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Yanks eager to get A-Rod back and the Hawks soar

Welcome distraction

It's a delicate situation. The Yankees prefer to avoid all the A-Rod chatter, but they're eager for his return, Danny Knobler says in his Look Ahead. In Weekend Buzz, Scott Miller says the Dodgers are hunting for history.

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Putting it away

In maybe the first seven-game series devoid of drama, the Hawks cruise to a 91-78 victory over the Heat on Sunday. Now, just wait until LeBron James and the Cavs get a load of nutty Josh Smith, Ken Berger says.

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No Duckin' Anaheim

Beware of the No. 8 seed. Todd Marchant lifts the Ducks to a 4-3 triple- OT win to even their series with the Red Wings at 1. Wes Goldstein says the victory is reminiscent of an Anaheim 2007 playoff win in Detroit.

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Posted on: April 30, 2009 10:57 am

Nuggets advance and the Ducks look to stay hot

Game, set, series

Next stop on the playoff train for Denver -- the second round. Carmelo Anthony scores 34 points and the Nuggets close out the Hornets 107-86. Denver moves on for the first time since 1994. Story | Postgame

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Video: West preview

Charging Anaheim sank the top-seeded Sharks and might be playing its best hockey in two years. But Wes Goldstein says the Ducks are about to face the NHL's best -- the Wings. PreviewsANA-DET | CHI-VAN

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Early birds

It makes total sense for someone like Hasheem Thabeet to declare early despite some of his imperfections, Gary Parrish says. But what is the point for those who have virtually no chance of being drafted? Story

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Posted on: April 28, 2009 10:46 am

Ducks dump the Sharks and the Lakers move on

Dumping the Sharks

Somewhere, Brody and Hooper are smiling. The eighth-seeded Ducks eliminate the top-ranked Sharks 4-1 in Game 6. Wes Goldstein says after another playoff flop, San Jose might have to make big changes.

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Kobe's desire not to return to Utah this season comes through with a 31- point performance in the Lakers' 107-96 first-round-clinching victory over the visiting Jazz. Lamar Odom adds 26 points. Story | Postgame

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Early warning

All caught up on the '09 draft? Good. Let's look toward next year. Pete Prisco says a quarterback will go No. 1, again, while Chad Reuter predicts underclassmen will dominate. 2010 previews: Prisco | Reuter

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NFL draft questions and the Celtics win again

Why? Why? Why?

Why complaints of 'it's too high to take him there'? Why isn't Knowshon Moreno being talked about more and Rey Maualuga less? Pete Prisco runs through these and other draft subjects that puzzle him. Full story

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Power trip

Weren't the champs ripe for the taking? Not so fast. Rajon Rondo's solid all-around play helps the Celtics reclaim home-court advantage by beating the Bulls 107-86. Chicago can't take the pressure, John Jackson says.

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Dangerous waters

That Presidents' Trophy and the top seed that comes with it seem to mean very little for the Sharks right now. Anaheim drops San Jose 4-0 and takes a commanding 3-1 lead in this all-California series. Full story

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