Posted on: June 1, 2009 10:53 am
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Wings go up 2-0 and Cleveland gets more bad news

Two good

The Penguins are ready to leave the Red Wings' Wild kingdom. Pittsburgh gets the early lead, but Detroit scores three straight goals to win 3-1 in Game 2. It's two games in, but the Finals are over, Wes Goldstein says.

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Little town of horrors

The Cavaliers and the Indians pile on the heartbreak to the poor fans of Cleveland once again, Scott Miller says in Weekend Buzz. In his Look Ahead, Danny Knobler wonders if the Brewers will pursue Jake Peavy.

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Beyond belief

Dwight Howard says God is on the Magic's side, and He will be the reason Orlando wins its first NBA championship. Mike Freeman says the Almighty doesn't have the time to care who wins the Finals. Column

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Stanley Cup rematch and the Lakers go up 3-2

(Re)match maker

The dream rematch for the Stanley Cup is on. The Red Wings will defend their title against the Penguins after dispatching the Blackhawks in five games with a 2-1 OT win. The Finals are set to start Saturday. Full story

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With a little help

With Denver keying in on Kobe, Bryant's teammates rise to the challenge and help L.A. win 103-94 in Game 5. The Lakers sure look much deeper than the Cavaliers, and Ken Berger wonders if LeBron James is jealous.

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Building somethin' special

When Chris Carpenter was down, the Cardinals were out. But with their fiery ace and pitching savant Dave Duncan stoking their staff, St. Louis again looks bound to play in October, Danny Knobler says. Full story

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Cavs crush Hawks and the Ducks catch a break

Rockin' Cleveland

Newly crowned MVP LeBron James doesn't disappoint. After eight days off, James scores 34 points as the Cavaliers beat the Hawks 99-72. LBJ and the East's best team live up to their top billing, Gregg Doyel says.

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Saved by the whistle

Fans will talk about this in Detroit for a while. A quick whistle negates a game-tying goal with 1:09 to play, and Anaheim prevails 2-1 in Game 3. Wes Goldstein says the Ducks have that championship look again.

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False profit

Movies try to tug at the heart strings, evoke sympathy for the protagonist. It's expected, especially when the character is ... Mike Tyson? Sorry, but Mike Freeman isn't buying this work of emotional manipulation. Story

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Best QB in the draft and Berger's NBA predictions

Arms race

So much for senior leadership. A very thin QB class is led by three underclassmen before a big drop to the depths. Frank Cooney breaks down signal callers and gives special attention to special teamers. Story

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Playoff preview: East

Cavaliers over Pistons and Celtics over Bulls? Locks. Magic sweeping the 76ers? Yep. Only Heat-Hawks gives Ken Berger problems in his East preview -- but only one team has Dwyane Wade. Story | Series

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Welcome to the jungle

The Stanley Cup champion Red Wings give the Jackets a rude welcome to their first playoff appearance with a 4-1 beating. Wes Goldstein says experienced Detroit takes advantage of a jittery Columbus team.

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